Treatment Options

At Tranquility Rehabilitation Clinic we offer 2 types of treatment options, One is Inpatient treatment where the patient is “Booked in” and stays on premises. Two is our Out Patient programme , where we work closely with the patient but they stay at home and only come to the center during the day.

We Also offer another vital programme called Aftercare, This is where the patient comes back to Tranquility after there inpatient treatment and we help them deal with day to day struggles of them been back at home,  work and providing the much need support structure needed. There is also more material that is learnt and taught in this part of the programme. 0115685197

This is a 24 to 90 days treatment programme that is where the patient is booked in. Inpatient will always be seen as the best option as all outside distractions are taken away and  focus is put on fixing the problem.

011 5685197

Aftercare is a continuation and application of the lessons and tools learned in rehab.

Even effectively treated people with addictions will confront unexpected situations after they leave a treatment programme and return to their home environment. These situations may produce intense periods of craving to re-use alcohol and other drugs.

This is a 6 or 8 week programme that covers a wide variety of material and support that will assist with staying clean and sober. This programm includes workshops, diet planning and much more 

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