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At Tranquility Clinic , we believe that our facilities, Professional Team , Treatment options and being available 24/7  ensures a high level of success. Our previous patients success reflects our dedication, commitment and tireless work. 

"I came into Tranquility Home a broken person. Physically, emotionally and spiritually I had almost reached the end and for me this was to be the final reaching out for help of my disease of alcohol addiction. In my stay here, I learnt with the help of the counselors and staff to become whole again. The combination of the peaceful surroundings and the thoughtful counselors and the comprehensive study of the 12 steps helped me immensely to truly discover for myself what my purpose for this life would be. I learnt more here in 3 weeks of the stay than I have learnt from countless psychiatric sessions. Most importantly, I learnt to love and forgive myself and find spirituality which is the keystone of my life.Thank you to all the counselors & staff of Tranquility Home. Finally, I found a place with people who truly understood as they were all there, where I was, before. My heartful thanks to everyone at Tranquility Home."
Male Patient
"It is with utmost gratitude that I look back upon my stay at Tranquility Home and I would like to thank everybody involved with my recovery from the bottom of my heart – you saved my life. When I first arrived I believed that I had a drinking problem but that the people at Tranquility Home would teach me how to manage this. Little did I know that I would leave a complete new person who realized that I had so much more than just a drinking problem but was able to resolve all my issues with the love, guidance and advice I have received from the people at Tranquility Home. I have been equipped with all the tools necessary to fully enjoy this new lease on life that I have been given. During my stay at Tranquility Home I have been brought into contact with many people who proved to me again and again that this program works if you work it – I am a stronger person physically, mentally and spiritually – all the things I need on my way to successful recovery. I have found my place amongst a new family through the Support Group meetings that we attended weekly – a very important step as this is a program I will be following for the rest of my life. I can recommend Tranquility Home to anybody who is suffering from addiction – you can only win!"
Female Patient
"Our daughter, currently aged 20, had displayed problems handling her alcohol for the past couple of years. Like most parents, her father and I stuck our heads deeply in the sand and put this down to teenage behaviour and that she would grow out of it. At the start of 2014 her drinking became progressively worse, worse than even her father and I realised. When we confronted Victoria regards an empty wine or beer bottle that we had found, she would become defensive and blame it on her sister. She had frequented night clubs in the past. This was a concern to us as her behaviour became erratic when she was drunk, very angry and aggressive, often with physical assaults on anyone who was concerned about her. In May, my daughter started drinking and driving. In late May she wrote a varsity exam in the morning and advised her Dad that she was going out to purchases a book she needed. At 17h00, my husband received a phone call to advise that we should pick up our daughter at a local pub. She had been sitting drinking alone for about 4 hours and was incapable of speech let alone driving. That night I knew we had to address her alcoholism. I googled rehab clinics, amongst those that appeared on my screen was Tranquillity. It was not listed first or perhaps even second but for some reason I knew this clinic had to be my choice. When I contacted Tranquility Home Rehab Clinic, I didn’t even know their physical address. One of the counsellors at Tranquility took my call and advised that we come straight away. He took the time to sit and talk to my daughter and us regards her disease and she decided to check herself in immediately. Although the first week was exceptionally difficult for all of us, she immersed herself into the Twelve Step Program. Through the encouragement, support and love shown by all the staff at Tranquility she left 23 days later a new woman. What a pleasure! The doors to Tranquility Home are always open, just like the hearts of the staff that work there. Heartfelt thanks go out to all of you at Tranquility that promised me I would get my daughter back – and I did"
"Coming into Tranquility Home, I had no hope for the future, for my ability to try something new and any thought of life after rehabilitation never existed. The first thing they asked me if I was willing to turn a new leaf. I was desperate. They promised me freedom from self and peace of living a life of sobriety. I had nothing to lose. I gave it my all from the first step and already felt a weight coming off my shoulders. Telling people about who I truly was and how I lived in addiction was hard for me because that is what I had been running away from for the past 6 years. Again, I felt the freedom that was promised to me. After the tenth day, I felt the urge to do the program to the best of my ability. The treatment team welcomed me into their family of fellowship. The acceptance I had been looking for with drugs had been given to me freely by people I never knew before. They understood me. I worked the recovery program fearlessly and found peace within the spiritual experience. I can’t express my gratitude to the people at Tranquility Home, the God of my understanding and the opportunity of life through the recovery program. I am a new creation and I am so blessed. Thank you to the staff and management of Tranquility Home. You guys have given me back my life and I can never forget you"
Male Patient
"I cannot describe the feeling of peace and happiness I feel inside. I came into Tranquillity Home hopeless and crying, now I leave with a known purpose – smiling from the inside out. I came in here with one question – “Who am I?” I had lost myself along the way and with the help of the staff and patients at Tranquility Home, I have been reborn. I have found myself, I know what my likes are, my dislikes, what makes me smile and what makes me cry, who my friends are and who are not. I most definitely know who those people are that are important to me. I have the chance to make good decisions in my life. A brand new life. Thank you Tranquility Home Rehab Clinic. I would never have been able to walk this road alone and will never have to walk alone again"
Female Patient
"Most rehabs have the same basic procedures and routines. They all follow the 12-step program and they all have the same goal – to rehabilitate and assist addicts in their recovery from a painfully debilitating disease. Yes all rehabs have the same aim. So what makes Tranquility Home Rehab Clinic different? My husband was on a dangerous road slipping rapidly further into a desperate state of despair and addiction despite having been to 3 different rehabs. Our initial interview was warm and encouraging with information about how they focussed on the 4-th step and a promise of assisting from a holistic view. The past 24 days I experienced a change I never imagined possible. Tranquility staff are warm, empathetic and extremely skilled in dealing with the various issues related to and creating the behaviour. The inclusion of the 4th step which takes the person into the depth of their deepest emotions as well as the inclusion of meditation, yoga and family counselling created a platform for my husband and our family to begin to rebuild our lives through working on ourselves, individually and as a family Tranquility Clinic has given me a calmer, more sincere, helpful, loving and spiritual husband, father and friend. They created a safe place for him to deal with his issues and guided him to a level of spirituality in order to deal with the daily challenges we deal with. They included us in his rehabilitation and allowed us to see not only his side but how we affect and react to his condition. We have a long road ahead of us but with the help and assistance we received from Tranquility as well as their continued support we are looking forward to a better future."
"When I came into Tranquility Home, I was a broken individual. All areas of my life were in chaos. I was spiritually, physically and mentally deadened and felt like my life could not get any worse. I was willing to try anything and the team of professionals here really helped me. They worked on all areas of my broken life and helped me put my life together, piece by piece. They gave me the tools to tackle my addiction and made me a part of something bigger that they called a fellowship. All you need is the desire to stop using drugs and all your prayers shall be answered. I can now say that Tranquility Home is my second home and the way I was treated here, was often healthier than my own home. I was given an environment where I could concentrate on me and what I needed to fix. I was always given the best and I would like to thank the staff for putting 100%effort in all that they did for me. Tranquility Home really changed my life and for that I will never be able to repay them. I will miss the entire Tranquility Home team"
Male Patient
"I have been on heroin for 14 years, I have been to 11 rehabs and this is the first time that I’m doing the 12 steps here at Tranquility Home. When I came in here I thought that it will be like the other rehabs I’ve been to, but it’s different here, the love, care and unity between people and the counsellors here is amazing. Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve been to 11 rehabs and none worked, but something has happened to me here at Tranquility Home. I have finally made up my mind that heroin is not my solution anymore, the 12 steps, meetings; higher power is the only way that I am going to stay clean. This programme gives me so much hope and I am eternally grateful to Tranquility Home. There is something special about this place and the changes that are happening to people here is awesome."
Female Patient
"Since my son completed a three week stay at Tranquility, everything has changed in our lives. Not only is my son clean and sober, but he has found hope. Now that he has found hope, my wife and I have found peace. Now that we have found peace, we have found a new unity that bonds us all closer together than we have ever been before. The program followed by Tranquility is the answer. Their staff are dedicated and understanding. They apply pressure when it is needed, they provide comfort when it is needed and they guide all the time. They lead my son from his pit of darkness into the light of joy and hope and there is NOTHING that I or my family can say or do, that can adequately thank everyone at Tranquility for what they have helped my son to achieve. Now that he has left the shelter of their safe environment and is back in the harsh, real world, they have NOT forgotten him, but have made him part of their family. He is so happy to have people close by who understand him, understand what he has done, how he has changed and how his future will be. This reinforces OUR peace and strengthens our belief that he will not fall back into that black pit of hopelessness and despair. Their support for him as well as the rest of us is outstanding and I praise the Almighty for sending us to them in our darkest hour. I cannot thank or praise the staff at Tranquility enough for their dedication and commitment as well as their friendship and strength. I pray that they will continue to be a shining light of hope to ALL that knock on their door"
"When I came to Tranquility Home, I had my own assumption about the place. I thought I was coming into a military type commando camp where patients are being exposed to harsh punishment for drinking and drugging habits but I found a different atmosphere. What impressed me the most is the amount of compassion and loving support they show to the patients. I was blown away by the amount of experience the staff and management combined has with rehabilitation of people with alcohol and drug problems. It was truly amazing to come into Tranquility Home of recovery. I have been exposed to the 12 Step program in a manner that I will not forget for the rest of my life. I have found friends in this programme. Through the intensive program I now fully understand my problem. I have been fortunate to have interacted with people who understand my problem and even themselves have been in recovery. It has been a wonderful journey to come into this rehab because in these rooms, I have seen a profound personality change in my thinking and attitude towards life. Thank you Tranquility Home Rehab Clinic"
Male Patient
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