Parents Testimonial: John & Lynn

“When first my daughter admitted she needs help we were not sure where and how. My sister introduced TRANQUILITY CLINIC to us. When she was ready I phoned to speak to a counsellor who was so enthusiastic to assist. With his enthusiastic response the decision was made very easy.

It is with great sincerity that we write this testimony as we experience a 360 degree turn around for our daughter during and after the program.

The Welcome.

On arriving at Tranquility Home, we were met by the senior counsellor who assisted us with the admission of the patient, explaining in detail the process going forward, arranging a tour of the facility and introducing us to some the patients to share their experience at the house. All this was done with total honesty and you could sense the love from the counsellor for what he does and the awareness of the uncertainty of what awaits the new patient that is his way to make all welcome and the patient entering an unknown period of their recovery. When leaving my daughter and Tranquility we were at peace that she is in good hands.

Facility (The House)

The accommodation is clean and adequate for all the needs of the patient, the eating area was well stocked and there were no complaints from my daughter for any reason at all.

The Programme to recovery

The counsellors shared with all the families as to what to expect and what to do after the program. My daughter embraced the program and her new found sober friends, the change in her behaviour was immediately noticed on our first visit after 7 days in recovery, she was very forthcoming with sharing here experience and in particular the sensitive but assertive manner in which the counselors guide and lead them through her recovery process.

This program brought back our once loving and caring daughter. Witnessing her concerns about new patients, as well as, patients who had difficult days. This all thanks to the recovery steps program and to the manner in which she was groomed by the team to leave the house confident and ready to face the challenges of the outside world.

Tranquility Team

The Tranquility TEAM has an effective treatment program and commitment to ensure the best treatment for all patients.

However our experience dealing directly with the counsellors (not that we want to exclude any of the other team members) we came to the conclusion that any patient in the care of these rooms has the potential and opportunity to go out into the world with their heads high and to live a full life without the dangers of addiction knowing the support is only a phone call away.


My daughter embraced the changes that came and is still coming from attending the A.A., C.A and N.A meetings sharing similar experiences and give thought as to ensure that there is a support group always available who will assist when you are down uplifting and re directing your healing process.

The stress put on the groups regarding the attendance of meetings was noticeable and we understand this as a place where recovering alcoholics and addicts have a fellowship that support and understand.


We will always be thankful for the experience of my daughter’s recovery and support at TRANQUILITY CLINIC, we as a family made lifelong friends, supporters and most of all we got our daughter back.”



Amber – Testimonial from a parent

“I cannot thank Tranquility Home enough for your kind assistance and generosity that you have shown my addict son and me.

You literally saved my son from total destruction on the streets and you gave me back my sanity and reason to live !!

You have put all other rehabs to shame because above all YOU CARED and you SHOWED LOVE in order to take my son in.

You are passionate about assisting alcoholics and addicts to recover and find a sense of peace, in living a new wholesome life without alcohol and drugs”

Debbie – A mother gets her daughter back

“Our daughter, currently aged 20, had displayed problems handling her alcohol for the past couple of years. Like most parents, her father and I stuck our heads deeply in the sand and put this down to teenage behaviour and that she would grow out of it.

At the start of 2014 her drinking became progressively worse, worse than even her father and I realised. When we confronted my daughter with regards an empty wine or beer bottle that we had found, she would become defensive and blame it on her sister.

She had frequented night clubs in the past. This was a concern to us as her behaviour became erratic when she was drunk, very angry and aggressive, often with physical assaults on anyone who was concerned about her.

In May she started drinking and driving. In late May she wrote a varsity exam in the morning and advised her Dad that she was going out to purchases a book she needed.  At 5pm my husband received a phone call to advise that we should pick up our daughter at a local pub. She had been sitting drinking alone for about 4 hours and was incapable of speech let alone driving.

That night I knew we had to address her alcoholism. I googled rehab clinics, amongst those that appeared on my screen was Tranquility Home. It was not listed first or perhaps even second but for some reason I knew this clinic had to be my choice.

When I contacted Tranquility I didn’t even know their physical address. One of the counsellors at Tranquility took my call and advised that we come straight away.

He took the time to sit and talk to my daughter and us regards her disease. Following a private consultation with her, she decided to check herself in immediately.

Although the first week was exceptionally difficult for all of us, my daughter immersed herself into the Treatment Program. Through the encouragement, support and love shown by all the staff at Tranquility Home she left 23 days later a new woman. What a pleasure!

The doors to Tranquility are always open. Just like the hearts of the staff that work there. Heartfelt thanks go out to all of you at Tranquility that promised me I would get my daughter back – and I did!!”


Clement – Testimonial from a father

“I hereby wish to thank Tranquility Home from the bottom of my heart for the great inspiration, love and guidance displayed towards my son’s recovery. My son spent a month in their care recovering from drug abuse. Only God made it possible that my son could end up here. Glory to God. The change in my son is unbelievable. It is thanks to all the counselors. I recommend this institute to all those who wish to save their children from drugs and to get back the children they once knew”


A Mother’s Tribute: Angie

“My 26 year old son shuffled through the door of Tranquility Home looking more like a frail old man at death’s door. 28 days later, my son walked out of the same door a healthy, strong young man filled with hope, determination and inner peace. Tranquility Home gave my son the tools to be brutally honest with himself and his addiction. To not necessarily forget the past, that would be unrealistic… but to let the past horrors go, to free himself of his past, to take his strengths and to apply them to life…that it is possible to start anew and to realise his dreams. Thank you Tranquility Home. You are indeed a “HOME”…where people really do CARE….thank you for all you have done for my son, for your many generous and selfless deeds. Thank you for giving me back my son”


A Mother’s Gratitude to Tranquility Home: Vanessa

“A Big Thank You to Tranquility Home Rehab Clinic for all the help with our addict son. Everyone at Tranquility went the extra mile for him. My son had so much anger and Tranquility helped him deal with his anger with patience and love. Tranquility has become my son and our family, because they care about us and show us so much love.

A special thanks to the counselors for being so willing to help and for sticking by my son through so much. All the staff at Tranquility Home are awesome. Words cannot express how thankful we are, all I can say is thanks and may God bless you abundantly.”

Testimonial from a grateful Wife: Ursula

“Most rehabs have the same basic procedures and routines. They all follow the 12-step program and they all have the same goal – to rehabilitate and assist addicts in their recovery from a painfully debilitating disease.  Yes all rehabs have the same aim. So what makes Tranquility Clinic different?

My husband was on a dangerous road slipping rapidly further into a desperate state of despair and addiction despite having been to 3 different rehabs.  Our initial interview was warm and encouraging with information about how they focussed on the 4-th step and a promise of assisting from a holistic view.

The past 24 days I experienced a change I never imagined possible. Tranquility staff are warm, empathetic and extremely skilled in dealing with the various issues related to and creating the behaviour.

The inclusion of the 4th step which takes the person into the depth of their deepest emotions as well as the inclusion of meditation, yoga and family counselling created a platform for my husband and our family to begin to rebuild our lives through working on ourselves, individually and as a family.

Tranquility has given me a calmer, more sincere, helpful, loving and spiritual husband, father and friend. They created a safe place for him to deal with his issues and guided him to a level of spirituality in order to deal with the daily challenges we deal with. They included us in his rehabilitation and allowed us to see not only his side but how we affect and react to his condition.

We have a long road ahead of us but with the help and assistance we received from Tranquility as well as their continued support we are looking forward to a better future. Thank you Tranquility Home.”


Parent Testimonial from Cherri

“From the moment I saw Tranquility Home details and pictures on the internet, I felt obliged to contact the treatment centre. I made the phone call and spoke to one of the counsellors and from that moment things just fell in place for my son.

The way the call was conducted made me comfortable and more determined to get my son the help he needed. When we arrive at Tranquillity home we were greeted with warm faces and even my son said this place is nice and quiet. When I left my son at the centre on that Friday afternoon I knew or I could feel that it was the right decision and place.

And not one day did I look back or had sleepless nights.

Tranquillity Home is really the platform where an individual can find their inner self’s, and move from destruction to restoration. 

There is respect amongst the patients and staff.

My son’s first few days out of rehab were very shaky and I could pick up the phone and asked for further guidance and counselling. They did not hesitate one second and my son was back at the rehab just to assist with strengthening him further in his road to recovery.  

He has become more open and honest and just wants to save the world from drugs. He attends his meetings religiously and sometimes wants to force us (rest of the family) to adapt our life style according to the 12 step program.

When it comes to recommending a treatment centre for Treatment of Drugs and Alcohol, I will give TRANQUILITY HOME A 95%, not because they are not perfect. On the contrary they are 100% committed to the recovery of the addict. But the 5% is dependent on how much the addict wants to stay clean and use the tools to overcome obstacles.

Thanking the Lord our God for putting Tranquility Home on our path”


 Rick – Testimonial from a father

“Since my son completed a three week stay at Tranquility Home, everything has changed in our lives.

Not only is my son clean and sober, but he has found hope.

Now that he has found hope, my wife and I have found peace.

Now that we have found peace, we have found a new unity that bonds us all closer together than we have ever been before.

The program followed by Tranquility Home is the answer.

Their staff are dedicated and understanding. They apply pressure when it is needed, they provide comfort when it is needed and they guide all the time.

They lead my son from his pit of darkness into the light of joy and hope and there is NOTHING that I or my family can say or do that can adequately thank everyone at Tranquility Home for what they have helped my son to achieve.

Now that he has left the shelter of their safe environment and is back in the harsh, real world, they have NOT forgotten him, but have made him part of their family.

He is so happy to have people close by who understand him, understand what he has done, how he has changed and how his future will be.

This reinforces OUR peace and strengthens our belief that he will not fall back into that black pit of hopelessness and despair.

Their support for him as well as the rest of us is outstanding and I praise the Almighty for sending us to them in our darkest hour.

I cannot thank or praise the staff at Tranquility Home enough for their dedication and commitment as well as their friendship and strength.

I pray that they will continue to be a shining light of hope to ALL that knock on their door”

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