Aftercare Programme

Why Tranquility rehabilitation clinic offers an aftercare programme

The most common problem that all rehabilitation and recovery based programs face are that so many times after a person leaves treatment, they find themselves overwhelmed by the situation they face and sometimes this leads them back to using or drinking again. 

They feel that everything was fine inside but now that they are outside of treatment, they feel like it all made sense in the center but outside in the real world, they just cant put it together .Other times it is simply that they feel the support they just had in the center is just not as available to them outside.

This is why at Tranquility, we have made a specially designed supportive programme that helps any patients ease back into the world.

For more Information, Please contact us on 011 782 5093 / 083772 5293 or email

Tranquility Home offers the following:

  1. 8 weeks Aftercare program after the inpatient program;
  2. Re-integration workshops;
  3. Family counselling;
  4. One on One counselling;
  5. Group Therapy;
  6. Telephonic counseling;
  7. Email counseling;
  8. Weekly onsite AA / NA / CA meetings available to all former clients;
  9. Introduction to nearest support groups e.g. AA; NA; etc.
  10. Post treatment drug testing;
  11. Relapse prevention workshops;
  12. Recovery Coaching;
  13. Healthy lifestyle workshops;
  14. Continuation of 12 step workshops.
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