Testimonial of Alcohol Abuser: Elaine

“It is with utmost gratitude that I look back upon my stay at Tranquility Home and I would like to thank everybody involved with my recovery from the bottom of my heart – you saved my life. When I first arrived I believed that I had a drinking problem but that the people at Tranquility Home would teach me how to manage this.  Little did I know that I would leave a complete new person who realized that I had so much more than just a drinking problem but was able to resolve all my issues with the love, guidance and advice I have received from the people at Tranquility Home.  I have been equipped with all the tools necessary to fully enjoy this new lease on life that I have been given.During my stay at Tranquility Home I have been brought into contact with many people who proved to me again and again that this program works if you work it – I am a stronger person physically, mentally and spiritually – all the things I need on my way to successful recovery.  I have found my place among a new family through the Support Group meetings that we attended weekly – a very important step as this is a program I will be following for the rest of my life.  I can recommend Tranquility Home to anybody who is suffering from addiction – you can only win!”


Testimonial of a Marijuana Addict: Louise

“I was using marijuana/khat, I was a bubbly, outgoing, responsible, intelligent and full of integrity. I spent three months in prison due to a temper tantrum whilst using drugs and decided to take the necessary measures to work a program to deal with my addiction and terrible behavior related to my using.

I was able to find a structured routing and share my progress with others ahead and behind me in my recovery. I was counselled for post-traumatic stress disorder from a violent gang rape and was able to overcome my paranoia from potentially being human trafficked. I had a wonderful 5 weeks that enabled me to dig into my behaviors and find the root causes using the 12 step program. I have completely changed.

I am quite comfortable entering the world being the person I am now. I plan to stay in the NA fellowship and I hope to keep branching out to the helpful wonderful people who share this disease with me.

I have learned that my resentments developed during my childhood and ultimately grew and developed into thinking patterns and behavioural triggers. With this awareness I have been enabled to replace my bad behaviour with good ones and work with God. I have learnt just how amazing my higher power is and I am truly grateful.

It is my second time here and I woud most definitely recommend Tranquility Home to anyone who needs a life changing experience and a fresh start to overcome a terrifying drug addiction. Thank you Tranquility.”

Testimonial of a CAT addict: Rooksana

“I cannot describe the feeling of peace and happiness I feel inside.  I came into Tranquillity Home hopeless and crying, now I leave with a known purpose – smiling from the inside out.  I came in here with one question – “Who am I?”  I had lost myself along the way and with the help of the staff and patients at Tranquility Home, I have been reborn.  I have found myself, I know what my likes are, my dislikes, what makes me smile and what makes me cry, who my friends are and who are not. I most definitely know who those people are that are important to me. I have the chance to make good decisions in my life.  A brand new life. Thank you Tranquillity Home Rehab Clinic.            I would never have been able to walk this road alone and will never have to walk alone again”

Testimonial of Heroin Addict: Lulu

“I have been on heroin for 14 years, I have been to 11 rehabs and this is the first time that I’m doing the 12 steps here at Tranquillity Home.  When I came in here I thought that it will be like the other rehabs I’ve been to, but it’s different here, the love, care and unity between people and the counsellors here is amazing.

Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve been to 11 rehabs and none worked, but something has happened to me here at Tranquillity Home.  I have finally made up my mind that heroin is not my solution anymore, the 12 steps, meetings; higher power is the only way that I am going to stay clean.  This programme gives me so much hope and I am eternally grateful to Tranquillity Home. There is something special about this place and the changes that are happening to people here is awesome.”


Testimonial of Prescription Meds Addict: Tammy

“I walked into Tranquility Home broken, sobbing and on the brink of losing my family. I had already lost all sense of hope and faith in anyone, let alone myself, and I did not know where to turn. This was my one and only shot to get clean and make a dramatic change in my life. I had taken prescription and over the counter opiates for 2 years and I did not know how I was going to live one day without them. I sit now, one month clean, feeling a sense of the deepest happiness, calm and serenity – Feelings I never believed possible before I entered these doors. Tranquility Home and it’s counselors, nurses, doctors and psychologists gave my hope back, but most of all the twelve steps  programme that it teaches, gave me my life back. I have yet to enter a more deeply loving, caring, spiritual and compassionate environment. I have yet to meet more deeply loving, caring, spiritual and compassionate people as those at Tranquility Home. To meet like-minded people who finally understood my pain and walked me through my dark journey to the light was more than I could have wished for. I sit here today with my loving family by my side, clean and free, happy and spiritually connected. The decision to enter Tranquility Home has irrevocably shifted the course of my life forever, and for that, I am eternally grateful.”


Testimonial of Alcohol Dependence Addict: Gabriella

“I came here as a hurt, self-loathing, vindictive person.  Spiritually and physically I was close to death.

I was overwhelmed by the compassion and concern that was bestowed upon me by the Tranquility Home staff and later on by the fellow addicts.

Words cannot describe what the Tranquility Home treatment programme has done for me.  I have heard about the twelve steps, but rejected it as a lot of nonsense.  The counselors opened up each step for me – I was left in awe about the truth hidden in every step and the light it brought to my life.

I am leaving today with peace in my heart, I have unloaded all my hurt, blame and hate.  This space in me is now empty for God’s love and grace to fill me.

My deepest thanks to Tranquility Home, the counselors, the treatment programme and the companionship of the fellow addicts.  I am a very positive person that with the tools I received here, I’ll have a sober day for the rest of my life, taking it day by day.”


Testimonial of Crystal Meth & Heroin Addict: Sophia

“I was brought to Tranquility Home in the most desperate of states. I had lost everything and was in danger of losing my sanity and finally my life. I believed myself to be a hopeless individual and truly believed that I was to succumb to my death and be a statistic. I did not really understand my disease or its solution. I was assured that they could help me and having no options, I trusted the process.

The experience has been life changing. The knowledge of the 12 step programme and the interest that these people have for their patients extends beyond the professional context of the work they undertake to do and is truly altruistic and appreciated.

Having been isolated from my own family and friends (as a result of my addiction)

I discovered principles, fellowship, support and love as shown through the staff of Tranquillity home.

Having been in numerous treatment facilities, I would highly recommend Tranquility Home to give the recovery and an excellent base point from which to venture into their own recovery. The critical differentiator is that the Staff of Tranquility Home are all passionate advocates for recovery from the disease of addiction and this translates into everything they do.

I was truly in the presence of my maker and the gift of recovery I received as a result of their care and guidance is priceless. It is one that going forward in my programme I shall defend by using the tools they imparted in me.

I am truly blessed and for the first time in years I know freedom and I have hope for my future.”


Testimonial by an Alcoholic Mother: Daniella

“I am married for 13 years, with 3 beautiful children.

When I stumbled through the doors of Tranquility Home on a sunny Friday morning- feeling shattered, broken, lost and hopelessly drunk – I knew that I had nowhere else to go and that I was in desperate need for help!

Through the haze of tears, guilt, shame, worthlessness, self-loathing and pity, I struggled through my first week of recovery.  As I slowly progressed through step work, I began to feel the stirrings of a change within myself. For the first time in many years, I began to see that there was hope for me.  With all the guidance, reassurance, kind and valuable words from all the counselors and the fellow patients, I started coming to terms with my disease and shown it affected all aspects of my life.

Tranquility Home has filled my body, mind and soul with happiness, peace and joy – something that id long forgotten about.  To truly feel free, content and intact is a true blessing!

I believe we are all alive and sober for only one reason: God has a job for us to do.  I have also come to believe that I must please God first, myself second and everybody

else third.  When I can live and feel that way – and it isn’t all day everyday – things


Testimonial of a Female Addict: Thobela

“When I walked into the doors of Tranquility Home, I was so broken and tried many times to fix myself but to no available.

When I made the decision to go into rehab I did not know the impact that it would have on my life; in freeing my spirit and back to that place where I can be grateful.

I’m learning to love myself a bit more every day. I can say thank you, I can pray, I’m honest – the truth has set me free in ways I can’t explain.

The counsellors approach you with such care, love and understanding; there is no judgement- only growth.

I approach all things with my head held up high, shoulders back and confidence I only dreamt of having and now it is real- God is real, take a look around you.

I am humbled by my experience here and the journey continues.”

Testimonial of a Young Female Addict: Cee Cee.

“When I walked through the doors of Tranquility Home I immediately felt the kindness from the nurses and other patients. Everyone welcomed me with open arms and made me feel at home. The nurses, counsellors, social workers and patients always greeted me with a smile; and understand.

When I came in I was broken, lost and had no hope. But, because of the Tranquility treatment program, all the love and support I got from the staff, I had hope. I don’t feel so lost anymore, I feel positive that I can do something great.

I would definitely recommend Tranquility Home because it has done great things for me.”

Testimonial of Nay D: Cocaine Addict

“Before Tranquility Home Rehab, I never thought that I had a problem- I was in denial. My parents brought me in. I was a little shit, did not want to be here. Complete denial, I thought I could do it alone.

Through my stay I finally accepted that I’m an addict. I finally understand my disease and how to deal with it. I have no shame, this is who I am. I’ve learnt to come to terms with it. I’m much more content and happy with myself. There is no judgement here and a lot of love here.

It hurts to leave because of the people that I’ve grown strong bonds with, at the same time excited to start my journey and come back for meetings and to help the newcomers feel welcome.”


Testimonial by Nozipho

“I recommend Tranquility Home to everyone whose suffering with addictions. When I came to Tranquility, the staff welcomed me with warm hands. The atmosphere is full of love, three hot meals every day. It really feels like home.

When I came I was hopeless and useless, I felt like I have no purpose but through working on the programme I’ve found who I am. I felt peace in my mind and my heart but more especially I’ve found a purpose. I fell in love with myself again. I’ve found my Higher Power here. Thanx a lot to Tranquility Home”


Testimonial by a Crack Addict: Kate

“I feel truly blessed to have the privilege of the support offered by the staff and the people I had the pleasure in getting to know in my stay. What I have learnt and experienced at Tranquility Home has surely been one of the most memorable and needed tools that I will always keep in my new found sobriety. I would especially like to thank the senior counselors for sharing their wisdom and dedication to this program. The awesome counselors and the wonderful way they interacted with myself and the rest of the patients. This will always be my home. I discovered that when I left here, because I couldn’t wait to see all the people I had left when I came to visit, they surely will always have a special place in my heart.”


Testimonial of an older Alcoholic: Jenny

“The name Tranquility Home says it all. Lovely surroundings, great caring staff, always happy to help put a smile on your face when you are feeling down.

Will miss everyone I have met here, but I’ll be back to say hello. Being from Zimbabwe I will carry forward to my fellow ex-drinkers, the hope and the love that surrounded me here.

Thank you all very much, I’ll keep believing in my Higher Power and follow the steps that have now become my daily routine.”

Testimonial: Jane

“My stay at Tranquility Home was genuinely a life changing experience.

I had my ups and downs, but I made the most amazing friends, the most amazing people on my journey here. I also made friends with all the friendly staff.

I was welcomed into the Tranquility family with open arms and warm hearts. I will never forget what they did for me. They saved my life in more ways than one.

The tools I have been given changed every part of my being and when applied properly will keep me clean a day at a time for the rest of my life.

I can only thank everyone at Tranquility Home for an unforgettable life changing journey”


Testimonial: Crystal Meth Addict: Candice

“Tranquility Home was my first rehab, walked in with nothing, no soul, not knowing how to live, no hope. I was scared, wouldn’t get out of the car. But seeing the pain in my mom’s eyes hit me hard. I had nothing left to lose. I walked into the rooms with a big bang of love and friendly faces. Each day got easier. For the first time I felt happy. I have met the most amazing people, all able to relate, support and love each other for exactly who they are.

To the staff, thank you! You have all brought an everlasting strength and smile to my heart. The most important thing to me is the freedom, no wired fences, no locked doors. You come here because you want to be here, because you want and deserve better. You deserve a life of love and freedom and peace of mind. It is a hard fact to get to grips with, but the people here are willing to do whatever it takes to build you up after you have been broken down too many times.

 Something deep in my soul has changed. I have learnt and grown in indescribable ways.

Thank you everyone, especially my Higher Power and Tranquility. For opening my eyes, soul, mind and heart to this beautiful world and my beautiful self. As hard as it might be out there, I know nothing is worth anything after that first drug/drink. I have the tools and I know how to use them. For once in my life it’s time to ‘JUST DO IT’.


Testimonial of a middle-aged Female Alcoholic: Lilian

“I will never forget the day I walked into Tranquility Home. I was an emotional wreck, and very afraid not knowing what to expect. I remember telling myself that I did not belong here. It all changed once I started working the program and day by day I got stronger emotionally and spiritually.

It was not all doom and gloom. I was made to feel very special immediately. The hugs and smiles were so overwhelming. I just grew stronger day by day with support all around me.

I desperately wanted to stop drinking but was not able to do it on my own. Every time I tried it was short lived. Coming here has been the best thing I did for myself. As I leave this place I am stronger, more confident and fill of gratitude, peace, calmness and joy.

For the rest of my life I shall be eternally grateful that God put me in this place, that I have a second chance.

Would I recommend Tranquility Home?? YES, I WOULD WITHOUT HESITATION.

The counselors are so willing to help and the passion they have for what they do touched me. I am very grateful and thank them from the bottom of my heart for my recovery. The staff that do the cleaning and the cooking, to them as well I want to say thank you, thank you.”


Testimonial of a TIK Addict: Maria

 “My stay at Tranquility Home was really memorable. I would definitely recommend anyone that is ready to change their life to start it off here. It was very different to other rehabilitation centers I have been to. At Tranquility Home it is 100% about recovery from substance abuse addiction”


Testimonial of Maude: Alcohol Abuse

“My family found out about Tranquility Home on the internet. Yes, it is a home and not a centre.

Would I recommend this clinic to you or a loved one that is sick of being sick? Definitely.

This is where I found my home away from home. This has been my soft place to fall, alcohol has left the building. This home is run by people who know the pain of addiction. They themselves went through it. They offer love, compassion and understanding. They are also supported by a team of professionals, i.e. medical doctor, professional nurses, psychologist, counselors and a social worker. Tranquility Home welcomes everybody regardless of age, race, sexual identity, creed, religion or lack of religion. They offer a holistic approach to your mental, physical and spiritual restoration process. So come on and discover the road back to peace, serenity and happiness at Tranquility Home”


Alcohol Abuser Testimonial: Rose

“I came into the rooms of Tranquility Home being at rock-bottom. My only thought was that if this is what life is all about, then I am not interested any more. The weeks to follow, working through the 12 step program, was a roller-coaster ride. It is very intense, and I uncovered a lot about myself that were hidden and numbed for years.

With every step, I learnt about the tools I can use during my recovery in order to establish a wholesome, happy, loving life mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. These re all the elements addressed in a variety if group’s and other activities at Traquility.

It changed my life, and a whole new relationship with my higher power. The evening meetings are a huge help in meeting and listening to other addicts with much more clean time.

The staff is all so friendly, helpful and welcoming. The counsellors gave me such fantastic insight in all the aspects. The accommodation is great and the food really fabulous.

Thank you Tranquility, you will always have a special place in my heart. I have, for the first time in my, peace in my heart.”




Testimonial: Sarah – Alcoholic & Prescription Meds Abuse

“Before coming to Tranquility Home (TH), I was sick, angry, and lonely.  I have given up on myself, God and life. Hitting rock-bottom opened a door which led to TH.

From the moment I admitted that I was powerless over my addiction and that my life is absolute chaos, relief started to roll over me.  I came to believe there is a SOLUTION to my insanity.  The 24 days at TH were some of the hardest, most wonderful and life changing days of my life.       Very quickly I realized that there is no elevator to sobriety and that I will have to take the “Steps”.    I also discovered that the magnitude of my recovery in rehab (and out there) is proportional to the sincerity of my surrender to a Power greater than me.

The staff of TH is absolutely amazing.  They touched my life like very few people have ever done.  Their dedication to their own sobriety and to give back to others, who are suffering, is remarkable.  The sacrifices they make to save a life are mind-boggling. They believed in me, when all I had was self-hatred.

The other people I have met (in the rehab and at meetings) formed an integral part in the start of my road to recovery.  Spending time with other addicts made me realize I am not alone.  Being accepted for who I am kicked-off my restoration process. 

I came to believe in the AA program of recovery.  The program works if you work it, and there is a reason why the Steps all start with the word …”WE”.  I discovered that “whatever you put before your sobriety, you will surely lose”.  I learned that having resentments is like “drinking poison but expecting someone else to die”.   

I will always be a recovering alcoholic and I have to take it “one-day-at-a-time”. 

Tranquility Home showed me HOW – through Honesty, Openness and Willingness.

I want to THANK the management again for their devotion to recovering alcoholics and addicts.  God bless you abundantly” 








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